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Oil Collectors Kit

Have all the essential oils now! Every oil collectors kit will give you complete access to build your oil knowledge and personally experience the abundant benefits of essential oils. Take your health to the next level and discover the power of essential oils.


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Natural Solutions Kit

A healthy life starts with healthy habits. Give your body the consistent care it craves both inside and out with this introductory collection. We’ve carefully selected products that are meant to be used together as a part of a daily regimen and make it easier than ever to build habits of wellness into your life!


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Essential Everyday Natural

dōTERRA is more than just essential oils. Our mission is to change the world one drop, one person, one community at a time. Through responsible sourcing practices and the efforts of our charitable organization, the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, every bottle of essential oil has an impact far beyond your home. dōTERRA is blessing the lives on both sides of the bottle. The person using the essential oil and the person harvesting the oil.

No matter the cost, dōTERRA makes it a priority to protect the environment and provide fair treatment to all harvesters, growers, and distillers when sourcing essential oils. This is called Co-Impact Sourcing, and it is a vital part of the dōTERRA business model. Below are the eight guiding principles of Co-Impact Sourcing:


  • Essential Everyday StepsGenerating Jobs Reduce poverty by creating and sustaining jobs
  • Essential Everyday ClockProviding Fair, On-Time Payments Offer consistent, fair payments to producers, including prepayments
  • Essential Everyday NetworkBuilding Supplier Capacity Support farmers, producers, and distillers through training and financial support
  • Essential Everyday HandshakeSustaining Long-Term Partnerships Provide multi-year contracts with growers and distillers based on solidarity and respect
  • Essential Everyday ArmsPromoting Cooperatives Guarantee respect for the right for all employees and producers to join and form co-operatives
  • Essential Everyday LeafFurthering Environmental Stewardship Promote energy efficient technologies, renewable energy, and waste minimization
  • Essential Everyday PingFacilitating Community Development Support community development projects in sourcing communities such as schools, health clinics, training facilities, and clean water systems
  • Essential Everyday ScaleEnsuring Fair Labor Conditions Create healthy and safe working environments, free from harassment and discrimination

dōTERRA is proud to encompass guiding sourcing principles that make the world a better place.



From the beginning, dōTERRA wanted to be more than a business. “There are givers and there are takers,” says David Stirling, dōTERRA Founding Executive, CEO. “We wanted dōTERRA to be a giver.”

The dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation Canada is a charitable organization that seeks to support community development projects in sourcing and local communities. These projects include disaster relief; anti-human trafficking prevention, rescue, and rehabilitation; microloan program; and feminine hygiene education.

dōTERRA Canada Marketing covers all administrative costs of the foundation so that 100% of all donations go directly to aid.


As a leader in the essential oil industry, dōTERRA invests in research and testing to remain at the forefront of essential oil science. Through partnerships with research facilities, hospitals, and universities, dōTERRA is always learning more about the potential of essential oils.

“The dōTERRA mission hinges on discovering and developing the most potent and effective essential oils,” says Dr. David Hill, dōTERRA Founding Executive, Scientific and Healthcare Initiatives. “These studies are a demonstration of our leadership in essential oil scientific advances, as well as our commitment to ensuring powerful outcomes for families and individuals using dōTERRA essential oils.”

Aroma Essentials Collection

Total wellness starts with better air. dōTERRA created the Aroma Essentials Collection to make it easy for anyone to experience clear aromas in your home, bringing together 10 powerhouse essential oils and blends that are tried and true for creating a fresh, clean environment with their fantastic aromas.


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Essential Everyday Aroma

Home Essentials Kit

If you’re new to the essential oil lifestyle, this collection has you covered. Featuring 15 mL bottles of the 10 most foundational dōTERRA essential oils and proprietary blends, Home Essentials Kit offers the perfect launch point with naturally sourced answers to your most common daily needs.


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Essential Everyday Home Essentials

MetaPWR System


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Do you struggle with:
✓ Brain Fog
✓ Mood Swings
✓ Sleep Issues
✓ Sagging Skin
✓ Low Energy
✓ Weight Gain
✓ Sugar Cravings
✓ Glucose Spikes

WE HAVE solutions!

to optimize your metabolic health.

Essential Everyday Metapwr Kit

3 individuals

These 3 products are my favorite. Every mom needs to have these products in their home to help feel sane! Calm your emotions, uplift your mood… and well…let’s just say your family will thank me! HA!

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Essentials Everyday Review

Essential Everyday Owner

I was introduced to dōTERRA essential oils in 2011. I can not imagine myself without them. I live in Alaska. I have been here for most of my life. I have a wonderful husband and 4 amazing kids and 6 wonderful grand kids.

I am passionate about dōTERRA essential oils and I want to teach other moms how easy it is to implement these oils into their lives.

I am so thankful that because of these amazing essential oils, I have been able to avoid tons of visits to the doctor and I know that I am healthier and happier because of it.