Essential Everyday Testimonial 1

The past 8ish years, I have had intestinal issues that I have always dealt with. A bout 5 years ago I finally went to a doctor. The doctor told me it’s possible it could be crones, but he thought it was more likely IBS-irritable bowel syndrome. He basically said stop eating certain foods.

I enjoy the certain foods that I was told to stop eating. So I continued to deal with the issues I was having. My family has been using Doterra oils for the past few years now. I have had some breakthroughs with the oils in different parts of my life. My wife is a die hard with the oils. She finally dragged me to a class on Doterra oils.

The class was good. I was counting down the minutes until it was over. I couldn’t really relate to anything, until one of the last segments.

The lady talking introduced Terrazyme. She gave a testimony on the effects it has had in helping her with intestinal issues. That is all I needed to hear.

To hear that there was something that I could take with my meals and it could change my day-to-day life, was incredible. So I decided to give it a month and see what happened. I soon found out I didn’t need a month to see the effects. Within 24 hours, I was noticing the changes taking effect. I was eating things that would have had me in the bathroom after an hour of eating it, and not being effecting by it. My family time was not being stolen by me having to use the bathroom.

Without going into such details that facebook might block this post. I will end it with Terrazyme is an incredible addition to my life. Such a very small addition with such a huge success!

Chris DesOrmeaux

Essential Everyday Testimonial 2

I’ve known Jennifer since high school, it had been a long time since we had seen each other when she came through my new home town on a business trip and we reconnected. We had an amazing conversation about some of the health struggles my kiddo was experiencing… long story short she shared her knowledge, experience, and guidance along with some samples which ended up being a game changer for my kids digestive, emotional and physical well-being!

Nickie Davey Roach

Okay, here goes! These are my 30 day results:

1) I look and FEEL thinner! The number on the scale matters less to me than the reduced inches, but it went down too – lower than I’ve seen in years.

2) I have SO much energy! Come see my Halloween decor and let me tell you about the 100+ bulbs I planted in two afternoons.

3) I am happy! This was unexpected. I have dealt with depression for years, and I didn’t dare to even hope for that to change this remarkably.

4) I’m completely satisfied with two meals a day and rarely feel hungry. I’m not craving chocolate, so hell must have frozen over or there are pigs flying somewhere.

5) My wrinkles are less pronounced, and I have hope they will disappear.

6) My husband did the experiment with me and also had great results. It’s been fun doing it together!

7) I’m 60, and my expectation to live to be a spunky 100-year-old lady feels realistic!!!

I’m never quitting this! 

Carol Calvni

Carol Calvni
Carol Calvni - Before & After 2
Essential Everyday Testimonial 4

Jennifer welcomed me onto her team and helped me get my start with oils. From the start, she was kind, funny, and personable. Her knowledge & experience are unmatched, and her leadership exudes great care and grace. I highly recommend Jennifer for all your oil needs and give her a 5 star rating.

Stephanie Button Culver

Essential Everyday Testimonial 6

Jennifer offers healthy living styles with Doterra for daily and long term goals. Her commitment to the community events and classes allows her to advocate a healthy living way of life. Thank You Jennifer for your strong determination with leadership skills and showing me how to pay it forward.

Lisa Hutchins

Pet testimonial for those of you with active or older dogs: our new working breed puppy has been too much energy for my older beagle, and we noticed he was having trouble with steps and acting sore. I gave him a little oily massage which he actually stood still for, he usually runs when smelly things come out. On a whim I put about a half drop, maybe a little less, of Frankincense on a freeze dried raw salmon treat and offered it to him. He gobbled it down, a little bit of a face at the Frankincense flavor. Before bed we repeated it and he willingly gobbled the treat.  After 3 days he got kind of ho hum about the Frankinfish treat, but he was climbing stairs and using the dog door again like normal so we stopped giving them to him. So much easier than hiding a pill from a beagle nose! Easier than pain meds on his kidneys, too!

Happy Doterra Customer

I had about 1/3 bottle of Copiaba with me. I added about 10 drops of frankincense to it. I had her put 2-3 drops on her abdomen before bed. She would wake up every morning feeling very nauseous- and never know if she would start throwing up. Its been 2+ weeks and she hasn’t had any symptoms since.

Happy Doterra Customer

My daughter (6) had a sever acid reflux and some pretty crazy food sensitivities. Started using digestzen with meals (and diet changes) and she is finally back to her bubbly self

Happy Doterra Customer

I was going through a tough time and feeling unmotivated and stuck. I diffused Juniper and lemon and turned that around very quickly.

Happy Doterra Customer

“I’m a healthy 41 year old woman. I’ve eaten well and exercised my whole life, I love staying active and involved in life. When I get labs done at my annual physical, my cholesterol levels are always a little elevated. Not enough to medicate but enough to keep an eye on. After years of diet adjustments, changing my workout routine, adding vitamins– I just chalked it up to heredity and accepted that this was something I’ll deal with forever.
I donate plasma for extra money and I also have consistently lipemic blood, which means the fat content in my blood is abnormally high. I’ve gotten deferred from donation a couple times because my blood is too fatty. And it’s evident too– as my plasma fills the bottle, it’s a bright purplish pink. Always. Every single time, for all the years I’ve donated. Everyone else’s is brownish yellow. The phlebotomists will comment, “Did you eat a lot of McDonalds yesterday?” And “Try not to eat such fatty meals before you come in”. But the thing is, I don’t. I cook from scratch and eat tons of veggies and fruits. I do enjoy fries or desserts on occasion of course, but not at the level you’d expect with plasma that purple
About 10 days into MetaPWR I was feeling really undecided about my results so far. I didn’t have that awesome energy, weight loss, or decrease in cravings. I’ve already taken collagen (with amazing results and success) for years so I wondered if I’d really feel any difference from switching brands. My sleep was better, my poops were awesome. But I was fatigued and puffy. Then I went to donate plasma. I looked over at my bottle and couldn’t believe my eyes– the bottle was filling with the brownish yellow plasma that everyone around me always had! I thought it had to be a fluke, that I must’ve just eaten better than usual the day before. But it’s remained consistent as I’ve donated 4 more times! I haven’t been to the doctor for more lab work but I have to conclude that my body is metabolizing fat more efficiently. And I would be shocked if next time I get labs done, my cholesterol levels aren’t significantly improved
Oh, and week 4 has brought me some of that energy ya’ll have been going on about so I’m excited to keep up the MetaPW
and see where it takes me!”

– Sunny


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I have been using essential oils for over 10 years. Making sure you use the best essential oils in the market because not all essential oils are created equally. Just because the bottle of the essential oil says 100% natural and safe doesn’t mean its true. They can label a bottle 100% pure and only a small percentage of that oil is pure. The rest of the bottle is filled with fillers and other ingredients that are not safe for you.

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