Jennifer Snell is able to get you set up with all of your essential oil needs. But she is not able to just get you set up with the oils themselves, she is also able to get you connected with all the different ways that you need to be able to take advantage of these amazing natural oils. Your body is able to absorb things in multiple ways, and the different ways it absorbs it can affect the different ways it affects your body as a whole. As an example you were going to get more of the anti-inflammatory effect off of lemongrass whenever you rub it on, and more of the gastro help it provides whenever you add it to a tea.

Working with essential oil is something that Jennifer Snell has been doing since 2011, and during that time she has been able to learn so many different ways to benefit from essential oils. However, what has become my favorite way has been to use a diffuser. A diffuser dilutes the oil down, and then vaporizes it into the air so that way it is able to be naturally absorbed into your olfactory system. These receptors in your nose are able to absorb different chemicals and provide you so many benefits from them.

The Great Jennifer Snell is able to tell you exactly how every essential oil is going to affect you in your body. But whenever the oils are absorbed into the olfactory system, it creates the fact that your body is most used to. For example , whenever you smell a rose you always feel a little bit better. The exact same thing happens whenever you add Rose into your diffuser. The rose is far from the only amazing scent that we have there. We have so many different oils from so many different plants around the world. You never know the benefit that could happen with you.

We only use the top quality essential oils, and that’s where Doterra comes in. They have been using only naturally sourced ingredients since they have been open. Synthetic chemicals are not able to absorb the same way, and that is just because synthetics are not able to absorb into your body as well as organic materials. Though it may be cheaper, it is going to be nowhere near as effective and not give you the same result that you are wanting to have whenever you first give this a shot.

This is something that we’re able to stand by wholeheartedly because of how many different people it has helped over the years. Jennifer has been able to help people from every single background, and people from all different cultures. She has collected so many different customer testimonials over the years that it will astonish you, you can visit them online at You can also give her a call anytime at 707-229-1970, where she will be able to answer any questions you have, as well as get you set up for an order.

Jennifer Snell | All Natural

Jennifer Snell has been able to preach the great word of Doterra to people for years. Since 2011 she has been able to stand by this company wholeheartedly not only because of their great quality, but also because they are all natural with all of their oils. Whenever you are trying to put anything in your body, you will always want to go with the most natural sourcing available. There are many reasons why this is beneficial to you, mainly due to how your body reacts, as well as the benefits that it will receive from it. You don’t want to end up getting absolutely no benefit from something that could genuinely help you if you got that quality ingredient.

The Great Jennifer Snell has seen so many different companies over the years come and go in the essential oil trade. And that is because so many of them are either using synthetic chemicals, using low quality ingredients, or they have terrible customer service. As such that is the exact opposite of what she has been doing this whole time. Ensuring that you’re getting the absolute most out of your oils is something that might seem like it’s going to take it a long time, but it’s really not. All you have to do is look at the back of the bottle.

The benefits of essential oils are boundless as Jennifer Snell is able to tell you. Considering the mass amount of benefits that people are able to get from all of them , there’s no wonder why so many people are going to them for their essential oil needs. The issue with synthetics is that they just do not absorb into your body the same way that natural components do. Your body can tell the difference between something that is real or fake. It’s the exact same thing as whenever you take a multivitamin. You can take him multivitamin but it is not going to absorb into your body as efficiently as whenever you get all of these vitamins from food sources. Why do you think vitamins have such a high dosage, and in some cases more than your body can handle? It’s because you’re not going to absorb at all.

This is where the experts at Doterra can come in to help you. We have been doing this for years, and we have only been using the most high quality and naturally Source ingredients since we first opened our doors. We want to ensure you are able to get the absolute most out of every single one of our products.

We are able to make these plans because they are 100% true. You don’t have to just take our word for it though, you can always visit us online at, we have countless customer testimonials on there for people just like you who gave us a try. You can also give us a call anytime out 707-229-1970, where we can answer any questions you may have or get you set up for an order today.