Jennifer Snell is able to tell you all of the different benefits that come from Rose geranium. That we all love the look of a rose, it has far from just the benefits of looking beautiful on the stem, as well as pricking your finger. Its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral properties are unmatched. So many people have been using it for so many years that it is absolutely insane. Plus with his absolutely radiant aroma, it is easy to see why it has become so many people’s favorite essential oil over the years.

It is no secret as Jennifer Snell is able to tell you comma that so many different cosmetic products have been using rows and them for years. I’m sure you have heard people left and right telling you to go pick some up and try it out for your skin. its antioxidant and anti-aging properties have been unmatched. That is why it’s been used by so many different large companies, as well as the leading health care lines. They’re even entire companies that have devoted themselves to only making rose-based products because of how well it has been over the years. Its antioxidants are well established as natural agents for improving your Skin’s ability to heal itself from environmental toxins and exposure.

However, its ability to make you look like a rose is only one of its benefits. Jennifer Snell uses Rose geranium as an anti-inflammatory as well. It has been shown to have a large impact in reducing swelling and paws and ears. It has been shown that it can be the base for new anti-inflammatory drugs that have way less harmful side effects than current medications that are on the market. Whenever you are taking this into account, it is easy to see why so many people love a rose. While this beauty is a match, so it’s benefits.

These are just a few of the benefits that Rose can give you. It has also been shown to fight off microbes, funguses, and viruses as well. Though it is not as potent as other essential oils in these fields. However if you were looking for a high quality oil, there’s no better place to look than doterra. We have been doing this for years, and as such we have developed an amazing reputation Across the Nation for providing the absolute best high quality products. We do not add any synthetics, we are in all natural company.

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Jennifer Snell | Return to Nature with Patchouli

Jennifer Snell loves to brag about the Woody and natural Aroma that Patchouli has. It has been used in so many different mens products over the years that it will absolutely astonish you. Plus the amount of benefit that you can get from it and your skin care needs are astonishing. It helps with dermatitis, acne, dry cracked skin, as well as helps with depression and eases stress and anxiety. It is the ultimate essential oil for the man in your life. You’ll love the smell of it as well. Whether you’re trying to relieve some pain, or you are trying to make sure your skin gets its best needs, but Patchouli is the way to go.

There’s so many different benefits that Jennifer Snell can tell you about patchouli. But my absolute favorite has to be its ability to help you and your skin. It has been shown to have benefits that are increasing with every single day. Whether you were trying to reduce the aging on your skin, or you were trying to lessen the amount of wrinkles that form over time. The collagen content that can be increased from Patchouli is phenomenal. For the research we’ll need to be performed, however it has been a longstanding thing in multiple men’s fragrance lines.

Another amazing benefit is its anti-inflammatory properties. The swelling is a large part of your body’s inflammatory response. Patchouli oil was found as a component that decreased chemically induced swelling in scientific studies. As Jennifer Snell is able to tell you that is an amazing thing. And immune cells produce a variety of chemicals associated with inflammation. Patchouli has been shown to lower the levels of these molecules produced by the cells whenever they are stimulated. The anti-inflammatory benefits of actually can be absolutely unmatched. Plus it’s amazing since it makes it stand Head and Shoulders above any other benefit that it may have.

These are just a few of the different benefits that Patchouli has though. Whether you were trying to smell amazing, relieve pain, potential weight loss supplement, or its anti-bacterial and fungal capabilities. Regardless of what you’re using it for, you are always going to want to have a high quality essential oil. That is exactly what Doterra is going to provide to you. We have been doing this for years, and during that time we have been doing nothing but the absolute best work possible. We do not use any synthetics, and we have been producing high quality essential oils since we first opened our doors.

This is not something you have to just take over for though. Jennifer has been helping people for over 11 years, and during that time she has collected so many different customer testimonials that it will absolutely astonish you. You can see these on her website, you are also able to check out all of the different methods, and benefits of other oils as well. You can also give us a call anytime at 707-229-1970 where we can answer any questions and take an order.