Jennifer Snell has been dealing with the quality essential oil for Doterra since 2011, and during that time she learned that everybody is different. While essential oils will benefit everybody, that does not mean everybody will be able to absorb them the same way. As an example, some people might be able to benefit from just applying a roll on, where’s other people would need a carrier oil such as coconut oil to absorb into the skin better. While everybody is different, that does not mean that only certain people can benefit from the great things that essential oils have to offer.

Listening to experts like Jennifer Snell is able to ensure that you are able to take in essential oils the way that is going to benefit you the most. At my home, we have a diffuser, and it’s amazing for oils like peppermint or Eucalyptus. But I’ve learned that lemongrass does not provide that much benefit for me in the diffuser. Whenever I add it to my tea though, I am able to get the most out of its anti-inflammatory and nausea relief. Every oil and every person are different. And you can not treat everything the same. After all, you wouldn’t talk to your night out friends in the same way you would talk to your grandmother.

The great Jennifer Snell has so much experience with different people from all over. Doesn’t matter your body type, background, or how your particular Body Works she will be able to take care of anything that you need so you are able to get the absolute most out of essential oils. We want you to be able to experience all the benefits that are available from this natural source of healing. This isn’t something that has to cause you an arm and alike either. Although some people will tell you that it costs a lot of money, that is really just an initial investment. It’s the exact same way as a car. You might have to spend a lot to get a car, however that car is going to last you for years and years to come.

Whenever you’re going to try essential oils, you want to go with the best. That’s where Doterra steps into place. We’ve been doing this for years, and Jennifer has beenWhenever you’re going to try essential oils, you want to go with the best. That’s where Doterra steps into place. We’ve been doing this for years, and during our time we have stood Head and Shoulders above everyone else for a few simple reasons. First of all we only use the most top quality ingredients for every single one of our oils. We also will not use any form of synthetics. Synthetics will absorb into your body and in a different way than the original organic chemical compounds will.

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Jennifer Snell | They’re Everywhere! Literally

Jennifer Snell is able to tell you how you were able to find the ingredients in essential oils in every single thing you do. Most of the benefits that you’re getting off these are the same ones that are found in everyday plants. As an example mint, lemongrass, and rose, these are all things that you’ve seen in your daily life. And these grow all over the world. Purple healing has been used by every culture for Generation upon generation. Is impossible to find a single culture that has not used herbal medicine at some point or another. And since we are all different, as well as different things growing in different areas, the benefits of certain oils can be absolutely astonishing to you.

Whenever you’re dealing with essential oils. The best place to go is to someone who knows the best, and that is exactly whatJennifer Snell does. She has been doing this since 201, and since she first started she has been helping people from every background and people of all different cultures. It doesn’t matter what your background is, every human has the ability to benefit from essential oils. Our bodies are naturally inclined to be able to absorb these into our bodies better than most medicines are. This is just because it’s how our bodies are naturally set up. As an example you’re going to get more out of eating protein from meats, beans, plants, and other sources than you are from just a regular protein shake. That is just because of how our bodies absorb things naturally.

There are many things you consider whenever you’re first getting into essential oils, and that’s whereJennifer Snell can help you. She has been doing this for so long and it has enabled her to meet every type of person that you can absolutely imagine. She wants to make sure that you were able to and get the absolute most out of all of the different oils that we have available. We also have blends of things as well. As an example you may see a camera green tea, this is going to give you all the benefits of chamomile as well as the benefits of green tea. So it will save your stomach, while also providing caffeine which will help boost metabolism and cause your body to process things faster. The amazing people that Doterra have learned this as well.

Doterra has been making nothing but high quality essential oils for years, and all the years that we’ve been doing it we have been able to say that we are Head and Shoulders the best around. We do not use any synthetic source, and we only provide the top natural ingredients for all of our oils. We also do blends as well. For example if you were trying to get sleep, we have a sleep blend that includes lavender and excess linalool as well.

You can visit us online anytime at You can also give us a call at
707-229-1970. Where we will be able to answer any questions, and get you set up with an order.