Jennifer Snell has become the master of essential oils. And as said she has been doing everything within her power to make sure that every one who drives out or Oils and gets an amazing benefit off of it. She has been doing this for so long she is learning that one essential oil can stand out above the rest, and it is also one of the most unheard of ones,Helichrysum. Helichrysum has shown benefit not only with anti-inflammatories like most essential oils do, but it also has been able to show a great benefit to those who have allergies and colds and coughs. This pair with these amazing anti-inflammatory effects can be amazing for your body.

The all-around benefit that you can get from going to Jennifer Snell is unmatched. She’s able to tell you about different oils such as Helichrysum. It will absolutely Amaze you how much it can help. It may be able to reduce allergy symptoms particularly with contact dermatitis, a type of allergic reaction caused by contact with an allergen. In addition allergy symptoms are often a result of inflammation, and this one being an amazing anti-inflammatory helps reduce all of the allergy symptoms that you could have.

Another thing I learned from the Great Jennifer Snell is the insane anti-inflammatory effects this particular oil has. Treating skin inflammation is a long-standing traditional use for Helichrysum oil. It has even been shown by some lab studies that it is generally anti-inflammatory and therefore may be able to treat skin inflammation in all forms. It also has the ability to penetrate into the skin which can provide an amazing relief for any swollen muscles or joints. The inflammation will be reduced significantly. Especially whenever you add it with a carrier oil. Benefiting from essential oils is just something that we humans have been doing for thousands of years. There’s no need to start doubting its ability now.

These are just some of the amazing benefits that you can get from Helichrysum oil. The amazing crew Doterra has done nothing but absolutely nail it whenever it comes to making the most high quality essential oils. We have been doing this for years, and as such we have been providing the best quality products for anyone around. We have been watching how other people have been adding synthetics to their oils, and we are embarrassed that we are even in the same field. We have tons of different oils that we use, as well as blends to make sure you get the most out of your oil.

If you have any questions you can always get a hold of Jennifer on her website She has tons of customer testimonials on there, as well as different ways of applying oils. You can also give her a call anytime at 707-229-1970 where she can ask if there are any questions that you may have, as well as get you set up for a class, or take your order today.

Jennifer Snell | You Get the Rose…Mary

Jennifer Snell gave me a great piece of advice whenever I came to rosemary. She told me that sometime, what I need to do is just put some in some water, and heat it up for a little bit. It sounded so funny but after realizing how Rosemary has been used for centuries on end, I decided why am I going to start doubting her now. Rosemary has been one of the greatest ingredients for any spice mix that you are making for the longest time. I wouldn’t doubt it if you actually have some Rosemary in your house right now while you’re reading this article. But the amount of benefits that can be received from it are astonishing. Especially whenever you get it in a concentrated form like you can with an essential oil.

As you can learn from the Great Jennifer Snell, cultures have been using Rosemary to increase brain function for years. And ancient Greece and Rome Rosemary was thought to strengthen memory. When 20 young adults were asked math questions at a small diffused with rosemary oil their speed and accuracy increased and direct portion to the duration that the oil was infused. Similarly nursing students who breathe Rosemary while taking their test reported increased concentration and information recall compared to breathing lavender oil or no essential oils at all.

These are just some absolutely amazing facts and statistics. However, Jennifer Snell isn’t done telling you about the benefits just yet. It also can help relieve pain. And folk medicine Rosemary is utilized as a mild pain reliever. While it might not be able to remove the pain of you having a limb chopped off. It has been known to work with stroke survivors with shoulder pain who received a rosemary oil blend with acupuncture for 20 minutes twice daily. The reduction was 30% in pain. This was double that of the people who only received the acupuncture alone.

Essential oils have been providing medical benefits to people across the world for centuries. But the people at Doterra have been able to concentrate the most natural and organic forms, and provide them to you. We do not use any synthetics in any of our products. But what we do do though is we will make proprietary Blends which are designed to Target certain things such as inflammation, pain, and allergies to name a few. We want to make sure that you’re getting the absolute most out of your life. That’s why we always make sure all of our products are completely consistent to ensure you are getting the most out of every drop.

If you have any further questions, you can always contact Jennifer on her website, There, we not only have different products that we have available, but we also have different ways that you can apply essential oils as well as tons of customer testimonials of people just like you who gave us a try. You can also call us anytime at 707-229-1970 where we can answer any questions that you may have.