Jennifer Snell it’s not going to keep the secret from you any longer, one of the main ingredients that you have been loving over the years has been ginger. If you’ve been wondering what that one special ingredient was that your grandma added to your soup that made it so you felt amazing overnight, it was ginger. It has been used for decades by everyone I know to trade nausea, arthritis, upset stomach, colds and migraines. Medical benefits of ginger are just now starting to come to life though. For something that is so common, it has just now come to pass that it is shown significant help with people and their daily lives.

As the Great Jennifer Snell I said before, you can always trust your nose. And luckily ginger has the ability to relax your body, as well as add a strong warm and spicy mix to your diffuser. Ginger is most commonly used with applications to the skin in here though. Its amazing benefit as an anti-inflammatory is something that science has been setting for years. Ginger oil was found to be an inflammatory preventing changes in kidney function markers or molecules associated with inflammation. It has also been shown to potentially fight against rheumatoid arthritis as well.

As I was once told to use it for thought by Jennifer Snell, I needed to add a few drops of it into my tea whenever I was feeling upset with my stomach. In 2017 a study assessed the effectiveness of inhaling Ginger oil to relieve nausea following abdominal surgery. They found that participants had inhaled Ginger oil rated with levels of nausea involving way lower than those of a placebo group. It has been used as a way to spice up your teeth for the longest time as well. This mix of Ginger and tea has been around for Generation upon generation.

You also have an amazing benefit with ginger in regards to how it treats your skin and hair. It will add nothing but an amazing protective layer, while also providing protection to your body. And that’s where the experts at Doterra come into play. We have been doing this for so long, and we believe nobody deserves anything but the best whenever you are dealing with one of our products. We want you to be able to breathe safely at night, hopefully with ginger all, whenever you use one of our products. We use nothing but all organic ingredients, and nothing synthetic.

If you have any questions you can always reach out to Jennifer online at She also has a ton of information on the website which include different ways to apply, as well as tons of customer testimonials of people just like you who gave us a try. You can also call us anytime you like at 707-229-1970, and we will be able to answer any questions that you may have as well as get you set up for a class, or go ahead and take your order for your oils today.

Jennifer Snell | Lemon Isn’t a Bitter Rival

Jennifer Snell is someone who loves the smell of lemons. Though it’s sour taste might be able to throw off anyone though. We have all done the trick where you give a baby their very first lemon and laugh when you’ve ever you see their face scrunch up. This is not the only great thing about lemons though. Its essential oil benefit has been documented as one of the best around. It works as an amazing way to address any wound. Whether you were trying to prevent an infection with antibacterial properties, clearing a fungal condition, speeding up a wound healing, or you’re using it to relieve some of the pain that you occur.

Though it seems easy to just get some lemon juice from a store, as the Great Jennifer Snell will be able to tell you that is not the same. The process alone is completely different. We use all parts of the lemon whenever we are making the oil, not just the inside that has the sour taste. Preventing an infection while taking care of a wound is something that all people need to be aware of. And you were able to do this with lemon essential oil. While it is going to be a little painful, and give you a little bit of a bite, its overall benefit is going to be astonishing to you.

Lemons have been used to address wounds for years though. However not many people realize how much it can help with easing anxiety and depression. I was told to put some lemon oil in my diffuser by Jennifer Snell, and I was so surprised to notice how much my moon almost instantly changed. By adding that extra sour and citrusy mix into your home you’re able to greatly benefit from the aroma that it puts out. Whether you were just trying to uplift yourself a little bit, or you’re really trying to get the day started off right, lemon is the way to go.

Whenever you’re trying to get the best essential oil for you though, there’s only one place to turn to you. Doterra is the essential oil company that has been doing this for years. We use no synthetic ingredients, as well as making sure we use only organic sources. We want to ensure that every single product that we put out is just as consistent as the last. That way you are able to easily measure out, as well as reproduce all of your favorite essential oil products.

This is not something you have to just take our word for though. You are able to look at all of the different people that Jennifer has helped over the years. All you have to do is go on to our website, and you’ll be able to see all of the different customer testimonials that we have secured over the years. You can also give us a call anytime at 707-229-1970, where we can answer any questions and get you set up for an order.