Jennifer Snell will be able to tell you all of the different benefits that come from using Clary Sage. Clarice age is something that has been used for feminine health for years upon years. Whether you’re needing to reduce cramps, alleviate menopause symptoms, work as a natural antidepressant comma or help with stress reduction. Clary Sage has been able to do this for generations for women across the world. It could be used as a balm or gently inhaled as an aromatherapy treatment. You can also add it to a carrier oil and be able to extend its benefits on your skin. It is known by the name’s Clear Eye and Bright Eye because of its traditional uses in treatment for Eye Health as well.

For over 11 years, Jennifer Snell has been preaching the benefits of this amazing essential oil. Clary Sage has the ability to relieve menopause symptoms due to its component sclareol. It copies the effects of estrogen in the body. This is why Clary Sage has been effective at reducing some of the symptoms of menopause, some research suggests that diluted Clary Sage oil applied to the bottom of the feet can help reduce hot flashes as well. It has so many different uses that it will absolutely astonish you.

Unfortunately my wife did not talk to you Jennifer Snell, whenever she was dealing with major menstrual cramps. A small study examined that women who experience painful menstruation and cramps were given a cream containing Clary Sage oil. They applied it to their lower abdomen daily between their menstrual cycles. The women who used the cream had a significant reduction in cramps than the control group. We all know how part of a time that can be for any woman. And as such you need to do everything you can to make sure you are completely taken care of for that time.

Clear sage has been helping women for Generation upon generation. It has been worth as a natural antidepressant whenever inhaled as well. It acts as an anti-sensor, and is able to help the stress hormone and produce antidepressant-like effects. When you are getting your essential oils that you only want to go to the best. And that’s where Doterra comes in, we’ve been providing high quality essential oils for years. We have heard nothing but a Sterling reputation. We use all natural ingredients, and we ensure that all of our oils are as consistent as the last so you can always rely on them.

You don’t have to just take our work with her, you can always visit Jennifer’s website where she has tons of customer testimonials, as well as different uses for these oils. You can visit her online at, and she also has many different articles on oils just like this one. You can also give her a call anytime at 707-229-1970, where she will be able to answer any questions, set up a class, and take an order for your essential oils.

Jennifer Snell | Taking a Breath of Lemon Grass

Jennifer Snell will be the first to tell you that lemongrass has been used for decades in all sorts of different health foods and drinks. Lemongrass has been shown to help relieve stress, relieve headaches, act as a pain reliever, regulate blood sugar and lipids, as well as help with stomach issues such as gastric ulcers and nausea. The amount of benefits that you can find from lemongrass are absolutely astonishing and it’s time for you to learn these benefits as well. The power of lemongrass is far from something that needs to be taken for granted. It can help you and your family become better together.

People have been using lemongrass as a stress reliever for decades. That’s why it is one of the best sellers with Jennifer Snell. Its ability to reduce high blood pressure is one of the many reasons why it helps with stress. If you’re able to calm down your heart rate and allow you to think more clearly and easily. And that is exactly what lemongrass can do for you. It also has the ability to work as a pain reliever. A 2017 study on people with rheumatoid arthritis applied topical lemongrass ointment and decreased their arthritis pain. On average pain levels were gradually reduced from 80 to 50% within 30 days.

The heart and health benefits can be astronomical. You can talk with Jennifer Snell, and she will tell you how I can not only affect your heart, but also your stomach as well. The lemongrass has helped prevent gastric all serve a common issue with stomach pain. These are commonly developed by taking too much ibuprofen over the years. Lemongrass is also a common ingredient in herbal teas and as a supplement for nausea. Another stomach ASU called diarrhea can also cause extreme dehydration. Lemongrass may help slow diarrhea and the oil reduces fecal output with castor oil infused diarrhea.

Lemongrass has been used as a supplement for generations. And as such there are a lot of people who have created a synthetic variety of it. That is not what you’re going to get when you go with doterra. Doterra has been using nothing but the highest quality ingredients for years. We want to ensure that you are getting nothing but the most top quality with every thing that you do. We do not want you just putting anything inside of your body. We have been five star rated across the nation.

If you have any questions, Jennifer is able to answer any one of them. She’s been doing this since 2011, and during that time she has stood out Head and Shoulders above the rest. You can go on to our website at, where she has a full list of all of the different things that essential oils can do to benefit you. You can also give her a call anytime at 707-229-1970, we will be able to answer any questions that you may have, set up a class, or take your order today.